Automatic Pump Controller Up To 2.2kw

Automatic Pump Controller Up To 2.2kw

The Automatic pump controller is an excellent option for rural housing, residential housing, gardens, light industrial and small-scale agricultural applications. It allows the pump to run at a constant flow.

The controller stops rapid cycling of your pump unit, eliminating water fluctuating through your home. The Electronic Controller orders the automatic start and stop of the water pump when opening or closing any tap or valve of the system.

The controller can keep constant pressure and water flow in the system as long as any tap in the system is open during the pumps operation.

This pump controller can be added to any centrifugal pump with motor size up to 3hp/2.2kw. The automatic pump controller only controls the start up pressure. The run pressure is determined by the size of the pump and volume of water used at any given time.

The starting pressure range is from 0.5 and 6.0 bar.

The controller has a built in Check/Non-return valve and has a run dry feature to protect the pump.

Water Booster Pump Pressure Switch For 2.2kw


 Model : PC-58P








Technical parameters:

1. Start-up adjustable pressure range: 0.5-6.0 bar

2. Maximum rated current: 16A

3. Maximum power: 2.2KW

4. Permissible maximum pressure: 10 bar

5. Rated voltage: 220V

6. Frequency: 50Hz

7. Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degree C

8. Maximum Medium Temperature: 60 degrees C

9. Protection Level: IP65



1. Automatic control of pump operation and shutdown.

2. Stop pumping automatically in case of water shortage.

3. Call will start automatically after power failure.

4. Manual mandatory start up.

5. Over-pressure protection, system pressure more than 10 bars automatically stop the pump work.

6. Water shortage self-start, the time interval of self-start is 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and then 1 hour cycle.

7. Anti-card protection and Anti-rotor sticking from long-term non-use of the pump, 48 hours to start once.

8. Sampling pressure sensor and LED display real-time control system pressure value.

9. Thread interface: G1″external thread.