SPL – V Series

SPL-V Variable Speed Drive

Our automatic multistage centrifugal variable speed drive (also known as variable frequency drive VFD) pressure booster pump system is suitable for distributing water under constant pressure & flow in residential housing, commercial buildings, resorts, complexes & industrial applications where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate.

The special operating system makes our variable speed drive centrifugal pumps an appropriate solution in all cases where water flow rates do not ensure suitable operating pressures.


  • Manufacturer : Shimge Pumps
  • Model : SPL-16-80-7.5V
  • Max Rated Flow : 400 l/m
  • Max Head : 100 m
  • Pressure : Adjustable to 9 Bar
  • Preset Flow Rate : 266l/m @ 8 Bar Constant Pressure
  • Preset Flow Rate : 366 l/m @ 6 Bar Constant Pressure
  • Power : 7.5Kw
  • Voltage : Three Phase, 380-440v, 50Hz
  • Inlet : DN50
  • Outlet : DN50

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The Inverter controller is a variable frequency drive (VFD). Also known as variable speed drives (VSD). VFD is varied by changing the frequency of the motor supply voltage which allows continuous process speed control.

Product Features:

The pump will start smoothly when water is consumed. The inverter controller (VFD) has a pressure sensor to detect down-stream pressure and adjust the motor speed to keep it at the required psi.

Constant and stable pressure control:

The pump will maintain a constant operating pressure at the pressure setting. This ensures a stable water supply even though occasionally the output flow is over the capacity.

Dry-run protection:

The pump will automatically shut down to protect against dry running. Once the pump starts to operate, the pressure sensor will automatically detect the pressure limit. If the pressure limit cannot the original setting within 2 minutes, the pump will stop and attempt to restart every 10 minutes until the function is deactivated.

Automatic stop when flow stops:

The pump will automatically cycle down as water usage decreases.

Pressure compensation for pipeline leaks:

Should the down steam pressure drop due to leaks in the piping system, the microcomputer will detect the pressure loss automatically and operate the pump to maintain the pressure setting limit.


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